Slot Overview: Frost Queen Jackpots

In recent years, Yggdrasil Gaming has produced Holmes and the Stolen Stones, a local progressive jackpot slot based on the famed Victorian private dick. It had a lot of unique elements, and there was also a lot of atmosphere. Now they’re back in a place chillier than a dreary London winter day. Frost Queen recycles a lot of the same ideas as its predecessors, yet it manages to escape seeming like a carbon copy. Yggdrasil has tweaked the features and the underlying mathematics of its 5-reel, 20-payline slot machine game. The five progressive jackpots are still there, though, and that’s a big deal.

Thematically, Frost Queen may be too similar to the animated picture Frozen, which is aimed at a younger audience. It’s not simply the wintry setting that makes me think of castles in the snow; it’s also the two fairly recognizable premiums. However, given the film’s widespread acclaim, any snow-themed fantasy game runs the danger of being compared to Frozen. Whether or not it was planned, the atmosphere was pleasant and added a touch of winter wonder to the play. The imaginative score adds the finishing touch of wonder to the show.

You may play Frost Queen Jackpots on any of your devices, and wagers range from 20 pence to $40 every spin. Statistics from the mathematical model suggest the game is most enjoyed by casual players interested in a little jackpot chasing. For example, the payments for wins that aren’t the jackpot are on the low end, at most 1,265 times the wager. With a success percentage of 28.09 percent, wins do occur frequently; however, the moderate volatility guarantees that they will be on the modest side. The total RTP is exactly 96%, which is around 0.8% lower than Holmes. It’s worth noting that 3.8% of the sum goes toward the five prizes.

Cold J-A royals and four very costly premiums are among the available symbols. Five of a kind of jewels, crowns, a jeweled chap, or the Frost Queen will win you between 37 and 200 times your initial wager. Wild symbols are not present in Frost Queen Jackpots, but the game does provide a number of bonus bonuses that increase your chances of winning.

Jackpots for the Ice Queen Slot Machine Features

Frost Queen’s main draw is its progressive jackpots, but the game also has free spins, a pick-and-click feature, and a bonus game where you may win a treasure chest. To play Pick & Click Chest, all you need is two mirror scatter symbols. The player is then prompted to select one of five chests on the screen to reveal either a random key, a reward worth 1x–4x the wager, or ten free spins.

If you get three or more scatter symbols, you’ll enter the Magic Mirror bonus round and have a chance to win 50x or 500x your wager, respectively. The Treasure Chest Bonus Game or free spins can be triggered using the Magic Mirror feature. In addition to the aforementioned options, players may also win 10 free spins and 1 jackpot gem by collecting 5 similar keys throughout the main game.

During the bonus round, if you get five gems of the same color, you win three times your bet. This triggers the matching jackpot to be paid out. The guaranteed minimum payout for each jackpot is:

Prize pool in blue: $40/€40 to start.

Green jackpot, initial $200/€200 worth

Jackpot seed value of $/€600 (purple)

Seed value for the red jackpot is $1,500 (€1,300).

Seed prize for the orange jackpot is $15,000 (€14,000).

If the Magic Mirror is used to activate the Treasure Chest Bonus Game, players will have the option of selecting one of three chests every stage. The function continues as long as players continue to find rewards, and it terminates when they click to disclose an avalanche. Prizes ranging from 5x to 100x the wager or random keys to free games can be found in the chests.

Jackpots for the Ice Queen Slot Machine

Like a Disney film, Frost Queen Jackpots is aimed at a wide audience. What more could a casual player want than a simple mathematical model, relaxing visuals, and the chance to win one of five progressive jackpots with every spin? The non-jackpot winnings in Frost Queen aren’t exactly enormous, and the game won’t win over fans of games with a bit more edge.

Is it an upgrade over similarly structured films like Holmes and the Stolen Stones and, say, Jackpot Raiders? Somewhat, and in other ways, no. One advantage is that there are a few additional options for activating the best features. Frost Queen has a nicer demeanor, serving out more victories and more often distributing keys. Unfortunately, Frost Queen’s ambiance isn’t as strong as Holmes’, especially when it comes to the score.

The action in Frost Queen seems to progress more naturally than it did in Holmes. The Pick & Click function, while seemingly inconsequential, actually helps break up the routine by offering a brief moment of excitement now and again. Keys are useful despite the minor pointlessness of the bet winnings. It bears reiterating that unless you’ve read the regulations, you will not win jackpots just by collecting keys. Overall, if you play Holmes after this one, you’ll notice the extended intervals of inactivity, which are mitigated by the Pick & Click system.

Yggdrasil’s Frost Queen is an intelligently designed video game. The slot’s newfound meaning thanks to the key collecting scheme keeps players engaged for longer by rewarding them for repeatedly pressing the spin button. Similarly, Pick & Click Chests are useful here, since they provide a welcome diversion from the grind and the chance for a few small wins along the way. In conclusion, Frost Queen Jackpots may not be an adrenaline-pumping extravaganza, but it will definitely provide certain players with a fun jackpot pursuit.






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